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"Once you quit drinking on autopilot the world opens up!" 

Anne Gilkes

Hi, I'm Anne


I get that it's not as easy as saying 'I'm just going to stop drinking', because I struggled with the wine witch for years too.

That voice in your head whispering "just have one" because the kids are in bed, because you need it to sleep, or any other excuse the witch can think of! Only one would lead to two, would lead to the bottle... Morning? Urgh...!

As I reached a certain age, I realised if didn't do something about it, I might never be able to. I was sick of waking up feeling anxious and foggy every morning, worrying about my health and what alcohol was doing to me on the inside. It felt like groundhog day everyday! 

You only have one body. You can't swap it or trade it in! But you can repair it, rebalance it and nurture it.

I didn't understand what selfcare was when I was drinking. But when I took a break I started to realise that I needed to look after myself and build up healthy habits and routines. Because it makes an important difference to your long term physical and mental wellbeing.


I'm not saying you should decide 'forever' right now!

 That bits up to you when you discover how much better life is without the booze. 😊

"This course has helped me to improve my alcohol awareness, my health, my energy levels and be in control of my life.  I highly recommend the Programme to anyone who want to quit alcohol, be healthier and live a better life. It is really a life changer!"

K. R. Age 50


I started by taking just a 6 week break, and not saying 'forever'  — that's way too scary! And I confess I loved the freedom it gave me so much that I never went back! 

When you're struggling to stop by yourself and you don't need help from traditional routes to quit, finding a solution can be tricky. And that's why I provide a solution for the 'grey area drinkers'. 

Since quitting I'm so proud to say that I'm now an accredited Addictive Behaviours Coach and NLP Practitioner. I love NLP and it's is a key ingredient to quitting, helping you make changes  faster than by coaching alone. That's why my online programme provides NLP sprinkled daily bite-sized lessons, plus you get weekly live group NLP exercises too!

It's not just about quitting alcohol, it's about having a healthier, happier lifestyle full of the things that you want and going on to do them! For me that's being out in nature, up a mountain given half the chance, and by the sea with my faithful friend - The Boo! 🐕

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Receive daily bite size lessons and join weekly group NLP & Coaching sessions. Build a healthy mindset and habits for long term holistic wellbeing . 

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