Discovering Sobriety - 3 Months  Personal  Coaching


Stop waking up regretting that you drank too much - again.


I'll support you to get back in control and restore your belief in yourself - because you are enough without alcohol.


Feel healthier, enjoy energy, peace of mind and wonderful deep sleep!


From  Feeling Out of Control to being Free


Let's Get You Back in Charge

I'm Anne. I support and empower women like You through my 3 month coaching plan to Resist the 'Wine Witch', so you can ditch your old habits and build new and healthy ones.


You'll feel healthier, look better and have more energy allowing you to do much more. You'll gain confidence and lose the anxiety that often accompanies hangovers and beyond!  You'll restore your sense of self-worth and choose the direction of not just your evenings BUT your Whole Life.


My coaching gives you the strategies and tools enabling you to change the drinking habits so that you can restore your freewill and reclaim the YOU that you've been missing.


P.S. Did I mention it before? Sleep becomes amazing!  

Everyone is different.

Contact me or book a Discovery Call to see what suits you best.  

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Support to Empower You to Resist, Restore and Reclaim Control over Your Life 

Personalised Coaching and Support for Habit Change with accountability emails and check-ins. Here's a few things we might do:

  • Create Your Bespoke Programme so that you have the right support and number of sessions dependent on where on your journey you are.
  • Identify your specific personal routines, habits and triggers so that you understand your patterns and how they impact your habits.
  • Establish a Comprehensive Trigger Tracker to allow you to plan in your most effective changes
  • Create your individual Weekly Management Plan to support you through the weeks 
  • Implement Change Strategies to eliminate Alcohol for good so that can move into a free life
  • Develop new skills and attitudes to maintain your positive changes and enable you to focus on what you really want from life
  • Set intentional goals for a future that you are free to move towards without alcohol holding you back.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Tools and Exercises

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the perfect companion to Habit Change Coaching. Using NLP techniques we'll accelerate your ability to make positive changes. Areas we work on will be bespoke to you - exercises may include:

  • Generating positive emotional states to help you implement your new habit practices
  • Strengthening your mindset leading to increased confidence to move towards the life you really want
  • Putting to bed unhelpful beliefs about yourself to give you space for new empowering ones
  • Reducing anxiety or overwhelm from past or present situations giving you an inner peace and calmness
  • Personality profiling so that you can improve your communication skills leading to better rapport with those close to you and at work
  • Harmonising internal conflict within yourself ('one part of me wants 'x' but the other part of me wants 'y') to allow you to move forward with your plans with a balanced state of mind 

"50 Days Sober"

"Before I began life coaching with Anne I was also struggling to maintain my sobriety after have a lapse coinciding with lockdown. I’m now 50 days sober and feeling secure about my sobriety going forward."

M. L.

"encouraging and supporting"

"I found Anne’s style of coaching very restorative. Her questions were purposeful, specific and aligned with what I wanted to achieve. Anne was really encouraging and supportive, and gave me the space and time to reflect and find my answers. As a result of her coaching, I have restored my self-compassion and am practicing a much more mindful attitude to what I drink and when."

D. M.

"she sought to understand me"

"This was my first experience with coaching and NLP. Anne made it clear from the start
that this was about my journey which was really helpful; I didn’t feel like there was a
criterion she was working from, she sought to understand me and the things which I felt
I needed support on."

Maria S.

First Steps Awareness and Strategy Session


Not Sure but want to Start Somewhere?

  • 1 x 75 min Session
  • Understanding Your Habit
  • Awareness of Alcohol and You
  • First Steps Change Plan
  • Emotions and Craving Tracker
  • Checking Your Support Network
  • Cost  included towards Discovery Package when you Continue
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Discovering Sobriety Personal 3 Month Package

£240 per month or £690 paid in full

Personal Support to restore your belief in yourself without the need for alcohol

  • Space to shout, pause, learn, reflect and understand in our 6 x 75 min Sessions
  • Your Personal Habit Change Plan to fit with your life
  • New positive ways of thinking through Mindset  Exercises & Tools
  • A Firm Belief in yourself that you are enough
  • A plan for long term self care and healing
Yes! I Want Freedom & Belief in Myself!

Stand Alone NLP Session


Do You Have a Specific Issue to Solve? Topics Include:

  • 60 Minute Session focused on Your Specific Issue
  • Putting Limited Beliefs to Bed
  • Improving Confidence
  • Reducing Anxieties and Phobias
  • Creating a Positive Mindset
  • Unsticking Decision Making and Procrastination
  • Calming your Inner Chatter 
Yes! I Need NLP!

I know it's scary thinking of taking a break. But I know you can do this - because it's exactly what I did too.


How much is being stuck costing you Personally and Financially right now? Taking a break from drinking for 3 months will pay for your Coaching by the cost of wine saved alone! 


And I promise you one thing that I learnt the hard way - you absolutely

won't gain anything by waiting any longer.

I want to give you a head start so here's 10 First Steps you can do in 15 mins to get you past wine o'clock so you too can begin to feel better.


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